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Jennifer Carpenter talks ‘Dexter,’ says sixth season is the best yet.

Jennifer Carpenter talks ‘Dexter,’ says sixth season is the best yet

Dexter will be killer this season.

Dexter Morgan is returning to his old murderous ways in the upcoming sixth season, premiering on Sunday, October 2, on Showtime, and Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Deb, says fans won’t be disappointed.

With such guest stars this season as Edward James Olmos, Colin Hanks, and Mos, formerly Mos Def, Carpenter says it is “probably our best season so far.”

“We’re 11 [episodes] in and I feel like I could do 12 more. It’s just that good and that exciting!” she told Access Hollywood at the Emmys this past Sunday.

“A lot of changes this year. You get more into the lives of all the characters,” the 31-year-old said. “It’s a year later, so everybody is brand new. [Deb] gets a pretty nice promotion early in the season. That changes everything for her…she’s the boss!”

Carpenter says to expect a gory season, joking some of it worries her.

“It’s gory, but it’s…I don’t know if I’d even say gory! It just worries me that our writers are sitting around in rooms thinking of this stuff,” she continued to Access Hollywood. “And then they try to act like they’re normal!”

“It’s really good, I’m happy!”

Carpenter also couldn’t be happier with the guest stars this season.

[Colin Hanks] is great. He’s hilarious. It’s funny because he plays someone who’s pretty dark, but as soon as they yell cut he’s joking around.”

“Mos Def is amazing,” she added. “I would show up just to watch him work…he’s so good.”

“It’s like the words were never on the page,” she said of his acting. “It’s like it’s coming from a place so true and easy, and you can’t help but, lean in and try to figure out what he means. It’s really beautiful.”

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